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The purpose of this site is to open an Acoustic Window onto the field of Diagnostic Ultrasound. The site, which is shareable and free of charge, will provide didactic material for newcomers to the field and, at the same time, allow the more expert to compare their professional experiences.
The Authors and contributors are doctors who have always favoured this method of diagnosis and are therefore familiar with the more advanced clinical applications of the moment.

Doctors and students with a passion for diagnostic Ultrasound: can consult the films free of charge whilst those who wish to publish their own experiences can do so by simply registering.

The filmed material received will be examined by a panel of experts before being put onto the Internet accompanied by a brief commentary. We sincerely hope that this initiative will meet with the approval of all Medical Doctors Ultrasound, and that the site will become a focal point for a wide range of expertise and professionalism.
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    Gastroenterologo, Radiologo Dirigente medico 1° livello Azienda Ospedaliera Brotzu Cagliari Docente Scuola di Ecografia Internistica SIUMB Cagliari


  • Dott. Domenico Scanu

    Medico Internista, Radiologo,Dirigente Medico ASL N.5 Oristano. Responsabile Servizio Ecografia Clinica del P.O. Bosa. Responsabile Regionale SIUMB-Sardegna.

  • Dott. Vincenzo Migaleddu

    Specialista Radiologo SMIRG no profit foundation

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