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"U.S. Factor" is a diagnostic championship sponsored by SIUMB which will take place electronically through the site You can find the instructions in

  • Matches are organized by publishing "Case Report" movies which will be judged by different arbitration panel composed by 5 members selected by three delegates of the Executive Council SIUMB.
  • The choice will be among members of the Governing Council, the chairmen of the study sections and the coordinators of the SIUMB schools. The jury will assign victory to the movies choosing one of the two teams in competition in the web page of the section.
  • The participant of this project will be young doctors under the age of 35 in meeting teams (five elements) on a regional basis.
  • The basic and / or specialist SIUMB schools will be the focal points for organizing teams, in this first edition.
  • The Schools of ultrasound that participate to the matches, will be equipped with a special tool allowing the creation of the movie according to some brief editorial notes that will be provided with registration.
  • The teams in this first edition will not exceed the number of four and will be chosen among the first responders to the invitation.
  • The meetings will take place between two teams with the simultaneous publication of two films no longer than two minutes (one per team) that will remain online for a week to allow the arbitration panel of judges to evaluate the allocation of victory.
  • The criteria the judges will have to follow include: 1) originality of the case, 2) quality exhibition, 3) the impact on clinical practice and 4) how to process the movie that may contain, in addition to U.S. assistance, other diagnostic contributions (RX, CT, MRI, endoscopy, pathology etc).
  • The trophy will include meetings in accordance with the rules of a round-robin tournament where each team meets all the others.
  • A meeting may end with a score of 2 to 0 or 2 to 1 and will last a maximum of 2 or 3 weeks.
  • To participate and watch the games a free registration to the site is needed
  • The two teams that will perform highest score will compete in the finals in plenary session during the National Congress SIUMB.

This initiative is aimed to retain young people in the ultrasound technique through SIUMB territorial structures where the first experience of diagnostic survey occurs and where experience get mature. Young doctors who approach this method of observation is encouraged to the resolution of diagnostic problems, to develop logical / problem-solving and in particular to the creation of a language of communication of their experiences according the scientific needs.

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